Organising issues (Feb 2014)

Recently I’ve been thinking about organising issues which come up again and again in homes I have visited…

organising sardine cans

1. Precious things

When decluttering we often come across photos, cards, children’s drawings, mementoes which don’t have a home. These can sometimes look a little shabby, especially after you’ve moved them a few times. Acknowledge the need to honour and store these ‘treasures’ safely, and so that you can access them easily to enjoy them. Take some time organising them to make up a photo album, or buy a sturdy box/ trunk to put things in. You may even decide the time has come to photograph the item and keep the photograph instead of the item. I suggest collecting ALL precious items together in one place as you are decluttering, so that you can then tailor the storage to the items.

2.Things which need to leave the house

For example; things which need to go to recycling/ charity, be returned to their owner, or be returned to a shop for a refund. We all have bits to go out which easily get ‘lost’. Why not start by organising them?

I used to put stuff on the pew by our front door so I remembered to take them out. However, the entrance then became cluttered. Things could also get knocked off, or buried amongst school bags, hats, gloves etc. And have you ever come across the strange phenomenon of things becoming invisible once they’ve been somewhere for more than a day?!
I now have a shelf in the living room where things going ‘out’ live, so that I know where to look for that book I borrowed as I am leaving the home. I think of it as my ‘Outbox’ and regularly check it to make sure I return things. You could use a box in the cupboard under the stairs so that the hallway feels less cluttered.

3. Wrapping paper/ cards

Most people have a stash of cards, ribbons, jiffy bags, rolls of paper, and gift bags saved for re-use. Collect them together, along with sellotape, scissors and brown parcel tape etc. Now work out the best way of organising them and decide where to store them. This plastic box is pricey, but does it all. For something prettier, take a look at this fabric bag . Alternatively you could just use a square or cylindrical bin to stand rolls in, or even a supermarket reusable bag. The critical thing is to keep it all together so you know where to find it. (This is my secret hiding place for a spare pair of scissors, which otherwise drift around the house!)

What are your organising issues? Let me know and maybe it’ll be my next blog!