Examples of work

Are you looking for examples of how it might work to hire me? Here are some client projects showing how we actually worked together. These projects display ‘Before and After’ pictures to show what can be achieved (permission given to publish images). Find out more from my FAQ.


  • Kitchen examples - before

    Kitchen examples - before

  • Kitchen examples- after

    Kitchen examples- after

I’ve come across many examples where clients feel completely overwhelmed. Here the client wanted to sell her flat but it had become so cluttered she felt she didn’t know where to start. The flat which she had loved, now felt like an impossible project. 

“The decluttering is what I needed to do, to believe that this flat can be cleared out, valued, sold.”

The process
We spent a day sorting the contents, and worked out that much of the clutter was mostly ‘multiples’ bought on offer.

“I’ve become aware of my tendency to acquire duplicates, I hadn’t realised it was that bad…”

Nine bags went to charity. The kitchen was transformed into a useable space and it was easy to imagine the next steps to prepare for sale.

“I honestly feel I can ‘breathe’ whenever I step in there now!  My beautifully uncluttered kitchen has galvanised me into action, and as I type, I’m doing a bit of a clear-out in my room.? “


Family kitchen 

  • Family kitchen - before

    Family kitchen - before

  • Family kitchen - after

    Family kitchen - after

The client’s email read “desperately need help asap to declutter”. Family were the priority to a loving and creative mother who always put relationships first. However three generations sharing a rented home meant that everyone was busy and the home felt out of control. In addition repairs were overdue and they needed the landlord to visit.

The Process
We spent two days working on the kitchen. Priority went to clearing the floor first, surfaces next and cupboards last. We created a useable space for the grandchild’s crafts as well as decluttering Tupperware and the tops of the cupboards.

The pictures speak for themselves- the family could now eat at the table, the granddaughter could access her craft materials and I advised how to manage laundry in the space too. (In my blog on laundry I give other examples)

“It has given me and the family so much of a lift to have a clear dining area – cupboards and all!”

Spare bedroom

  • Bedroom examples - before

    Bedroom examples - before

  • Bedroom examples - after

    Bedroom examples - after

The client had been out of work but was about to start a full time job so she wanted to make the most of her time to get the house sorted. She also wanted to prepare the spare room so it could be let out for additional income.

The process
We sorted through everything, clearing things which had been untouched since she’d moved in several years previously. Random cables, jewellery and bed linen were tackled, a desk and bed were reassembled (one of my favourite jobs!) I also advised on how to dress and decorate the room for rental. These examples show how much can be done in a session

The result was a fully functioning bedroom, which she later painted a more neutral & restful colour. As part of the same project we also tackled the utility cupboard and her bedroom and I advised her how to declutter the kitchen between our sessions.

The client said “What a pleasure it has been working with you over the past couple of months!! Thanks for all your help, it has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about my home now”


  • Loft examples - before

    Loft examples - before

  • Loft examples - after

    Loft examples - after

The client wanted to reclaim her loft.  The space had become a dumping ground- offspring couldn’t find things easily so chaos had gradually resulted.

The process
In this case the mother was planning on going away so I worked with the adult children- initially just the daughter, then later the son helped. Belongings were allocated to family members, each making their own decisions (the mother had already agreed to her daughter making decisions on her behalf)

By the end of the session everything remaining was stored in labeled cardboard boxes grouped by person. They were now easily and safely accessible. NB Loft spaces are often used as ‘procrastination spaces’, but everything remaining was now either seasonal or archive/ long-term storage. In such examples, there is relief that things are no longer literally ‘hanging over their head’.

“Great job, thank you! …I really appreciate how brilliantly you have persuaded my children to get on board.”

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