Coaches and therapists

Please note I haven’t received any coaching from the people on this list but have spoken to most of them or found their resources useful. Many of them have ADHD so speak from personal experience. If looking for coaching/ therapy it’s advisable to speak initially by phone to find out if they are a good fit for you. Although these coaches may live far from you, they usually work remotely with clients via Skype/ Zoom or have online programmes or ADHD resources.

In no particular order…


Caroline Rogers

Positive Psychology coach 

Fellow colleague Caroline offers coaching focussing on outcomes, strengths and wellbeing. She will help you hear your thoughts out loud, grab your insights and use them meaningfully. She is infinitely curious, compassionate and an all-round lovely person.


Soli Lazarus

ADHD coach (NW London)

Soli specialises in working with families, having had a child with ADHD. She runs an online parent support group and offers educational resources. A teacher for 30 years, she works in schools training them to better support students with ADHD.


Linda Fox

ADHD coach (UK/ Europe)

Adult ADHD coach with over 20 years of experience. Linda helps clients reduce overwhelm, get organised & turn procrastination into productivity. Affordable group coaching programmes & procrastination busting group focus days.

Anthony McCann ADHD Coach

Anthony McCann

ADHD Coach (UK/ Eire)

An experienced coach and university lecturer, Anthony McCann changed his coaching focus to ADHD after his diagnosis (2016). Coaching specialisms incl: work strategies; burnout recovery; rebuilding confidence; student support.  

Sarah Templeton

Sarah Templeton

Counsellor/ Coach (Bucks, UK)

Sarah is a straight-talker- and a great person to talk to if you think you might have ADHD. She’s also a passionate advocate for ADHD – in particular young people who are in prison due to undiagnosed ADHD.

Emma Case

Emma Case

Coach for neuro-divergent women (London)

Emma is also founder of Women Beyond The Box– a website highlighting successful neurodivergent women- very inspiring! She coaches women in the creative industries, who are self employed, or seeking a career change.


Alan P. Brown

ADHD coach (US)


Alan is a productivity coach offering virtual coaching for ADHD teens and adults.

He offers an award-winning video-based programme ADD Crusher™ and other online ADHD resources.


Jacqueline Sinfield

Jacqueline Sinfield

ADHD coach (Brit based in Canada)

Jacqueline has a great free newsletter with lots of useful tips on ADHD. She offers online courses and 1:1 ADHD coaching to help manage ADHD naturally and increase productivity.

Jessica McCabe

Jessica McCabe

US Youtube Vlogger Extraordinaire

If you don’t like reading, this could really work for you. Jessica produces very high energy (but short) videos on a wide range of topics. Her ADHD resources have helped many a newly diagnosed client.

Lynne Edris

Lynne Edris

ADHD coach (US)

Lynne offers coaching as well as online productivity programmes and ADHD resources. I’ve explored a few of these and her ideas have influenced me a lot. Her programmes are excellent quality with great content.