ADHD hang-gliderMy ADHD story- from chaos to order!

Since starting my business in 2014 I have had a special interest in working with clients with ADHD.  This is partly because ADHD runs through my family like a stick of rock, so the struggles you face daily are very familiar to me. I’ve learned (by experience) how to keep on top of the paperwork, make sure my children (mostly!) got to school fully equipped, and that everyone had a passport (& EHIC card) when we went abroad.

Over the years I’ve worked with many clients with ADHD. Whether you are getting support or not, getting organised is definitely more of a challenge for you. Did you struggle to pay attention in class? Do you find it hard to keep on top of your to-do list? Are you often looking for that vital bit of paper as you run out of the door late? Sounds familiar? Me too… My organising life has evolved by learning how to create order out of chaos. (At the same time I’ve learned how to compensate for a rubbish memory)!

I have made it my business to read extensively on ADHD and keep up to date with current thinking. But there’s no substitute for hands on experience and I’ve had plenty of that. I’ve worked with many clients with organising challenges, helping them to declutter and get the systems in place which suit both their home and lifestyle.

Your ADHD story- from chaos to order?

Maybe you have just been diagnosed or you may just think this diagnosis may explain some of your organisational challenges and feeling of overwhelm? Either way, I am there to support you as a knowledgable ally. I won’t judge you for your past struggles, or set up complicated systems you can’t maintain. I’ll also remind you when ‘good enough’ is good enough. (See my posts on perfectionism Part One & Two)

Your own clutter struggles may start with unfinished projects, or difficulty keeping on top of routine tasks. Do you buy on impulse, or forget what’s running low- resulting in buying in multiples?! Would you love to have a place for everything, and be able to find things without turning your house upside-down?

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“Sarah was brilliant… non-judgemental. I have ADHD and Sarah was knowledgeable about how this may pose challenges with keeping things tidy and proposed practical solutions.”
V, Peckham
“Wow! What a difference! Thank you for helping me get to where I am now, I couldn’t have done that myself… It’s made such a difference so far, I feel like a weight has been lifted and have much better clarity of thought about the upcoming work.”
L, Pimlico
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