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“It was absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much and thanks for the info which I’m sure I’ll keep coming back to. Your training has made me realise how much I get out of working with people with ADHD.”
K, APDO organiser

ADHD training for professional organisers


Why develop ADHD training? With ADHD running throughout my family I’ve developed a real affection for this collection of often creative, energetic and sensitive people.  Since setting up business in 2014 I’ve worked with clients with ADHD often over long periods of time (learning from each one of them).  I now work predominantly in the ADHD world, giving support and offering friendly expertise to my clients as well as delivering ADHD workshops and speaking at ADHD support groups.


Become an ADHD-friendly organiser

Are you ready to up your game with your ADHD clients? Over the years I’ve come across clients who report bad experiences working with POs who just don’t ‘get’ their ADHD. The result is that the client feels they’ve somehow ‘failed’. They need an organiser who knows where they’re coming from – and is prepared to listen and learn.


Find out why your clients struggle to get organised

ADHD challenges are significant and can be extremely debilitating in life. With ADHD training you’ll improve your understanding of ADHD and its effect on Executive Function and you’ll be better equipped to help those clients. The tips you will learn will also benefit many of your other clients.


Know how to deal with the challenges your ADHD clients bring

ADHD training helps you find out how to minimise the challenges for your ADHD clients and maximise their ability to become more organised. You’ll learn to empower them to develop their problem-solving skills. Learn which pitfalls to avoid and how to maintain boundaries which benefit both you and your clients.

Training background

For three years, I have been part of the training team for APDO, leading all-day courses for professional organisers. I also served as an APDO Board member and mentor and love sharing my passion, learning and experience to encourage professional development with other organisers. This training was developed so our ADHD clients can be supported more effectively. 


How does ADHD training work?

Before the call I’ll send you a questionnaire so I can tailor the training to your specific needs and experience. We’ll set up dates for three video call sessions (each an hour-long). Afterwards, you’ll be sent a copy of the presentation along with two bonus handouts on ADHD medication and resources.


What will we cover?

  1. ADHD types/ symptoms/ diagnosis
    How people deal with their ADHD (medication etc)
  2. The person behind the ADHD
    The challenges and joys of having a client with ADHD
  3. How to be an ADHD-friendly organiser
    Practical tips for organising

This ADHD training can be tailored specifically to your needs if you have a particular client or challenge in mind.


Do you offer other support?

Yes, I’m happy to offer you one-off or regular mentoring calls to talk about specific situations. Please note, all calls respect client confidentiality and identifying details will never be discussed. Calls are charged at a discounted £50/ hour for all listed APDO members (£75 non-APDO).



Training is done over three hour long sessions. I offer a discounted rate of £150 for APDO members listed on the website.  (Full price £200).

If you’d like to to go ahead and book an ADHD training call (or to find out more) do get in touch.