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“Liberating, motivating & fun! Thank you Sarah for giving my home a Free Your Space experience. ”
R, Surrey Quays

Useful info

There’s lots of useful information to help you find a new home for your unwanted clutter. During sessions I’ll share my expertise and knowledge freely. I will often research solutions between sessions. If you would like more comprehensive research on storage solutions then this can be arranged.

APDO accreditation

I am proud to be an accredited member of APDO, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers. APDO provides professional support and a commitment to on-going education and training for members. I am a member of the Board and help train new professional organisers. I have completed both their Introductory and Intermediate training courses.

All members have professional liability and indemnity insurance and are registered with the ICO. This is the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.

Compulsive hoarding

Compulsive hoarding is a distressing and debilitating psychological condition that is only just beginning to be recognised. The website below provides lots of useful information about compulsive hoarding, including diagnosis, research, treatment and available support.


Your local authority will always provide information about local services:

Southwark Reuse & Recycling Centre
Address: 43 Devon Street, (off Old Kent Road) London, SE15 1AL
Tel: 020 7525 2000
Please check website to see details of opening hours & what can be disposed of here. Currently they accept old paint for use by charities etc (see below)

Lewisham Reuse & Recycling Centre
Address: Civic Amenities Site, Landmann Way, SE14 5RS
Please check website to see details of opening hours & what can be disposed of here.

This is a nationwide nonprofit organisation for people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free. This is in order to encourage reuse, thereby keeping good stuff out of landfills.Membership is free and no money exchanges hands. Each local group is moderated by local volunteers.

1. You advertise goods on your local Freecycle group.
2. You then arrange a convenient time and place with the interested party, so that they can collect your unwanted goods.

WARNING If you have a tendency to collect goods be careful- you could end up with more than you got rid of!

London Re-use Network
No-one wants to see perfectly good stuff going to waste. That’s why the London Re-use Network exists. This is a network of charities which work together to help find new homes for unwanted but good quality furniture and appliances. This includes office furniture and equipment.

Selling Vintage items

Useful information about selling unwanted items such as old coins, watches, jewellery or medals:

  1. Contact them to find out if they are interested
  2. Receive your free shipping labels
  3. Send them your things in a box for free
  4. They will make a fair offer for your box quickly
  5. Accept and get paid the same day

Selling rare books

For more details of how to sell rare/ out of print books look online.           

Emmaus charity

Emmaus is a great charity which works with the homeless. They will accept donations of furniture, electrical items and clothing and can also often collect your items.

“Just because you no longer need an item, don’t throw it away. By donating it to Emmaus you’re not only keeping it out of landfill, but you’re also making sure it goes to a new home, & doing something to help others.”

Unwanted paint

Community RePaint schemes collect reusable, leftover paint and then re-distribute it to individuals, communities and charities in need. This improves the wellbeing of people and also the appearance of places across the UK.

Vinyl Records/ CDs

Rat Records buy & sell vinyl & cds. The helpful owner Tom also knows how to sell secondhand musical instruments and the secondhand book market..

DVDs etc

Read my blog on decluttering DVDs.

This article also explores the relative advantages of whether EBay or Music Magpie are better at selling secondhand DVDs. Magpie now collect for free, so they may be worth trying if you’re time poor or want those DVDs out ASAP.

Beware going into a shop which buys second-hand DVDs or you may end up leaving with more than you came with!

Music Magpie
You can de-clutter and get cash by musicMagpie’ing items.
Just enter the following details and click the “Get Value” button for an instant offer price.:
1. The barcode of the CD, DVD, Game.
2. The make and model of your Tech or Electronics.
3. The brand and garment type of the clothes