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“It has been invaluable working with you, both on a practical level and also an emotional level: I feel understood! Your coaching skills are amazing. The blend of coaching and your time and labour-saving suggestions, always giving me ownership of my actions, is perfect.”


Access to Work


Developing ADHD-friendly coping strategies for working.

If you are working and have been diagnosed with ADHD, you can apply for Access to Work funding. This government fund is designed to help you manage your work life better.


What do I bring to these sessions?

I have over 5o years of  lived experience of ADHD (with two ADHD offspring). As a result, I have developed many coping strategies to manage my focus and working memory. In addition, since 2014 I’ve worked as a professional organiser with hundreds of clients, both in their homes and more recently online. I now specialise in supporting clients with ADHD, so that you can manage both work and everyday life more easily. 

We will tailor these sessions to fit your specific needs. You might want to choose from one of the following areas:

  • Managing space: Decluttering/organising your ADHD workspace at home or work.
  • Managing paperwork: Setting up a filing system from scratch so that you can find documents quickly.
  • Processing mail: Developing more effective strategies to sort your emails and mail.
  • Managing time: Using your calendar/ diary & time more effectively.
  • Managing your To Dos: Helping you work more effectively using the principles of Kanban. Tweaking any current systems which you’d like to work better for you. 
  • Developing your executive functioning skills: We will focus on strengthening your ability to prioritise, organise, review and work flexibly.
  • Developing better work relationships: We’ll explore how you communicate so that you manage boundaries more effectively, thus minimising workplace frustrations.
  • I could also help you with your claim forms, making it easier to claim for your Access to Work funding

Hourly sessions: £80


Want to find out more?

Do contact get in touch here to book an introductory call. We’ll use this call to discuss any questions you might have, and to find out if we are a good fit for working together.