About me

I am passionate about helping you let go of the ‘stuff’ so you can focus on your current life. Growing up in a chaotic, messy, but welcoming home I’m unshockable- so please don’t worry about how your home looks.

As a community physiotherapist I worked with people with disabilities to improve their quality of life. After taking time out to have children I chose to go back to one-to-one work with people and do the thing I loved- helping to simplify your life!

With three children born in five years, I know a fair bit about juggling, and love working flexibly with families of all ages to simplify the clutter which accompanies normal family life.

I love to work with people from all walks of life and have a particular interest in supporting people with ADHD to help create order and reclaim space.

If you visited my house right now it certainly wouldn’t look perfect, I believe people are much more important than having a spotless house… However things at home do have a place and we always aim to keep clutter at bay.

What else makes me tick?

  • Spending time with friends & family- preferably eating well and travelling
  • Our lovely dog Rosie- rescued from Greece in 2016 
  • Community and diversity- learning from people different from me
  • Art- I host an annual Open Studio for an artist friend
  • I love my garden – we keep bees too

The professional stuff:

I’m an accredited member of APDO the national Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (UK). I help train new Professional Organisers for APDO and am also a board member. I hold Professional Indemnity & Liability Insurance and am registered with the ICO.


“Sarah's calm and patient approach allowed me to think clearly about what I needed, what I used and what I could live without.”
K, Shepherds Bush