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“Brilliant service, excellent results, would recommend her in a heartbeat!”
K, Shepherds Bush


  • Working together EITHER in your home OR online 

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Do you want to change the way you live?

I work with you to tackle the areas you’ve been dreading. If clutter is so overwhelming that it is stopping you from enjoying life, don’t worry, I will help you with that! I provide a confidential, non-judgemental and professional service. I’ll help you sort through your possessions to support you as you decide what is precious to you and what you’re ready to let go of. I’ll help you simplify your life and change the way that you think about your belongings.

Is your paperwork out of control?

We will declutter, sort and organise your paperwork, reducing what you keep while at the same time making it possible to find any document within minutes. We will set up a system tailored to suit you and how you work. At the same time you will learn how you can keep any incoming paperwork under control.

Do you want to get organised?

If you keep losing things, and areas of your home don’t work well for you, I will help you reorganise your space, even researching storage solutions for you.

We can tackle any space in your home (kitchen, home office, bedroom, playroom or shed) to make it work more efficiently. Once we’ve finished, everything will be to hand so you won’t avoid tackling jobs.

I can even help you manage your time and To Do list. (I often work with people with long term difficulties getting organised or a diagnosis of ADHD…)

  • Executive Function coaching support

Are you looking for coaching support?

We use our executive functions (EF) to get anything done. For example we use our memory, ability to prioritise and plan a task, then persistence to get us to the finish line. 

Having experienced the benefits of coaching first-hand, I now work with clients using coaching skills to develop their executive functions. Executive Function coaching involves both teaching and coaching elements, using a non-judgmental approach to support you as you learn strategies to strengthen your executive functions so that you feel more on top of life. Take this quick test to find out where your own EF challenges lie.