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Here you can find the popular video on using Kanban to get more done, and hear more about getting organised with ADHD.

Getting stuff done with Kanban

This popular 5 minute video shows a whole new way to tackle your To Do list.

Over lockdown I started exploring the use of Kanban to help stay on top of tasks. It turns out to be a really ADHD-friendly way of managing the ‘To Dos’  developing reviewing skills to become more strategic. Time management gets easier, once it’s clear what we realistically can do in a day.

(I’m now a huge fan- hence the video!)


How to make a Knicker Bullet


This is my first ever 5min YouTube video- finally made during lockdown although I’ve been showing clients this technique for a few years. (When I first came across this way of folding knickers to store them neatly I didn’t show it to clients with ADHD because I thought it was just another thing to do. But then I discovered that some clients loved it- and how it made their drawers look.) 

So, take a look & if it appeals, give it a go – and if it doesn’t appeal just walk on!

The ADHD Hub- Are we there yet?


This podcast explores how success with ADHD can be achievable, interviewing people with ADHD on their journeys.

During this podcast with Ross we talk about my own journey and discuss why I don’t use the word success to describe me. We also talk about positive psychology and mindset problems we may face, along with disorganisation taking a few other tangents along the way!


Declutter Hub: Clutter & ADHD


In this first guest podcast with The Declutter Hub, I talk with friend & colleague Ingrid about ADHD.

We explore how ADHD can cause clutter or disorganisation. Our conversation includes classic ADHD challenges: being undiagnosed; maintaining routines; the dangers of ‘shiny new things’; ‘fixed’ vs ‘growth’ mindsets and the classic duo: Procrastination & Perfectionism

How to declutter with ADHD 


This is the second of my conversations with Ingrid of The Declutter Hub, focusing on practical strategies when you live with ADHD.

These strategies are equally valid for anybody who feels overwhelmed with clutter or struggles with organisation. We discuss the benefits of decluttering/ simplifying, finding things more easily, why mindfulness can help, and tips to make life with ADHD easier.

Helping clients with ADHD


Friend & colleague Shelina of the Decluttr Me Podcast talks with me about my life before becoming an organiser, and we discuss why having ADHD myself helps me support my clients.

The podcast includes tips and tricks to get organised if you have ADHD.