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This is a collection of podcast interviews I’ve done – here you’ll find my popular video on using Kanban, and hear more about getting organised and ADHD.

Indigo Diary

1. Decluttering – more than stuff


Fellow coach Natasha Hickling invited me onto The Indigo Diaries podcast. Our conversation touched on shame, clutter and why it’s definitely not just about the stuff.

Her podcast explores the way people live, work, thrive and overcome challenges with ADHD as well as dealing with culture, relationships and other external barriers.

2. Decluttering – where do I start?


Here’s my second conversation with fellow coach Natasha Hickling on The Indigo Diaries podcast. Our conversation touched on minimalism vs maximalism, challenging our rules and lots more practical ideas to help you get more organised

Her podcast explores the way people live, work, thrive and overcome challenges with ADHD as well as dealing with culture, relationships and other external barriers.

Saturday Live June ’21


I was honoured to be interviewed by the Saturday Live team alongside the main guests were Felicity Kendal & Ore Aduba… We talked about both decluttering and my late diagnosis as well as commenting on the listeners stories. 

From 1.19min in you’ll find the parts related to decluttering/ ADHD.
From 29.30min onwards the conversation continues alongside hearing listeners share their decluttering stories. 

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The ADHD Hub- Are we there yet?


This podcast explores how success with ADHD can be achievable, interviewing people with ADHD on their journeys.

During this podcast with Ross we talk about my own journey and discuss why I don’t use the word success to describe me.

We also talk about positive psychology and mindset problems we may face, along with tackling disorganisation, taking a few other tangents along the way!

Declutter Hub- Clutter & ADHD


The Declutter Hub, run by veteran professional organisers Ingrid & Lesley, provides excellent quality, online support to its members.

In this first guest podcast with friend & colleague Ingrid we talk about ADHD, exploring how ADHD can cause clutter or disorganisation.

Our conversation includes classic ADHD challenges: being undiagnosed; maintaining routines; the dangers of ‘shiny new things’; ‘fixed’ vs ‘growth’ mindsets and the classic duo: Procrastination & Perfectionism.

How to declutter with ADHD 


This is the second of my conversations with Ingrid of The Declutter Hub, focusing on practical strategies which help you live with ADHD.

These strategies are equally valid for anybody who feels overwhelmed with clutter or struggles with organisation.

We discuss the benefits of decluttering/ simplifying, finding things more easily, why mindfulness can help, and tips to make life with ADHD easier.

Getting stuff done with Kanban


This popular 5 minute video shows a new way to tackle your To Do list.

Over lockdown I started exploring the use of Kanban to help stay on top of tasks. It turns out to be a really ADHD-friendly way of managing the ‘To Dos’. Using it develops our reviewing skills so we get more strategic with priorities.

Time management will also improve, once we get clearer about what we can realistically do in a day.

How to make a Knicker Bullet


My first ever 5min YouTube video – made during lockdown.

I’ve shown clients this technique for a few years.When I first discovered this way of folding knickers I didn’t show it to my ADHD clients – I thought it was just another complicated thing to do. But then I discovered that some clients loved it- and how it made their drawers look.

So, take a look – if it appeals, try it – if not then just move on!

Sorry, what was the question?


Alex Campbell was one of the first people to be diagnosed with ADHD in the UK and has produced this new podcast on ADHD.  

Each episode he interviews both ADHDers along with their friends, family and colleagues – here we talk with fellow professional organiser Caroline Rogers about ADHD, getting organised, and our friendship.

(Use Spotify or search on your usual podcast platform). 

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