ADHD for Professional Organisers

Why develop ADHD training? With ADHD running through my family I’ve developed a passion for working with these creative, energetic and sensitive people.  Since 2014 I’ve worked as a professional organiser with clients with ADHD. I now work predominantly in the ADHD world, giving support and expertise to my clients. I’ve also been interviewed for podcasts, delivered ADHD workshops and spoken at ADHD support groups.

Become an ADHD-friendly organiser

Are you ready to learn how to work with ADHD clients? Clients often say what a relief it is to work with a PO who  ‘gets’ their ADHD. They are looking for an organiser who understands where they’re coming from – and so is equipped to support them.

Find out why your clients struggle to get organised

ADHD challenges are significant and can be extremely debilitating in life. With ADHD training you’ll improve your understanding of  how ADHD affects their life – so you’ll be better equipped to help them. The tips you learn will also benefit many of your other clients.

Know how to deal with the challenges your ADHD clients bring

ADHD training helps you find out how to minimise the challenges for your ADHD clients and therefore maximise their ability to become more organised. You’ll learn how to empower them and also which pitfalls to avoid. In addition we’ll talk about how to maintain boundaries to benefit both you and your clients.

Training background

For three years, I have been part of the training team for APDO, leading all-day courses for professional organisers. I also served as an APDO Board member and mentor,  sharing my passion, learning and experience with other organisers. This training on ADHD has been distilled from my experience (and mistakes!) so that you can support clients with ADHD better. 

What do we cover?

  1. ADHD history & context
    ADHD types/ symptoms/ diagnosis
  2. The person behind the ADHD
    How people deal with their ADHD (medication etc)
    The challenges for a client with ADHD
  3. How to be an ADHD-friendly organiser
    Principles to apply and practical tips for organising

Group training

£75 (£100 non-APDO)

  • 3 video training calls (90 min incl Q&A).
  • Handouts on medication and further suggested reading/ resources.
  • Access to private ADHD for Organisers Facebook page to share learning and get additional support. 


  • Participants will join a group call of 4- 8 organisers.
  • There will be an opportunity to ask questions using a chat facility during the call.

1 to 1 training

£150 (£200 non-APDO)

  • 3 video call sessions (60 min incl Q&A). 
  • Handouts on medication and further suggested reading/ resources. 
  • Access to private ADHD for Organisers Facebook page to share learning and get additional support. 


  • Training is tailored to your experience 
  • PDF of the presentation included
  • 1 – 1 mentoring call (within 6 months)