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“Sarah has made what felt like an impossible decluttering task into the possible! She is very easy to work with, enormously helpful and extremely conscientious and thoughtful in her approach. I cannot recommend her highly enough”
J, E Dulwich

Home organising – getting professional support

I’ve provided professional home organising support since I set up Free Your Space in 2014. The majority of my work has been with ADHD clients. However, I am currently based in Norway until the end of 2024, so am not currently accepting new clients for in-home organising support. (I am still offering ADHD coaching support – find out more here).

Here are a couple of other options well-worth exploring:

  1. Visit to find another professional organiser who will be able to support you. Put in your postcode and include additional ‘specialisms’ if necessary). I recommend speaking with several organisers to find the best ‘fit’ for you.
  2. I highly recommend The Declutter Hub*. This online membership programme is run by fellow professional organisers Ingrid Jansen & Lesley Spellman. Both professional organisers are experts with over 10 years of experience working with clients.

    The Declutter Hub has some fab resources- a free Facebook group with regular challenges, & great podcasts. (I sometimes listen to these to inspire my own decluttering projects). Their paid membership programme gives access for one year of support, compared to eight hours of in-home support from me, so I often recommend it to clients. (I believe joining is a no-brainer, whether you’re on a budget, or just want to organise your home over a longer period with their support).

    *NB I have always recommended The Declutter Hub to clients. However I am now an affiliate, so if you join using this link I do receive commission.



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