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“It has been invaluable working with you, both on a practical level and also an emotional level: I feel understood! Your coaching skills are amazing. The blend of coaching and your time and labour-saving suggestions, always giving me ownership of my actions, is perfect.”

ADHD coaching

Having experienced the benefits of coaching first-hand, I now work predominantly with ADHD clients using coaching skills to help them build on their strengths and tackle their challenges.

ADHD coaching is different to pure Life Coaching. The coaching part recognises your ability to grow and develop as a human, and challenges assumptions/ beliefs which have got in your way. ADHD coaching helps you understand ADHD, and how it shows up both in your strengths, and challenges.

I use a non-judgmental approach to help you support you as you learn strategies to strengthen your executive functions so that you feel more on top of life. Take this quick test to find out where your own EF challenges lie. We use our executive functions (EF) to get anything done. For example we use our memory, ability to prioritise and plan a task, then persistence to get us to the finish line. 

To find more detail about how ADHD coaching works, read more here.

NB If you have ADHD, you will be eligible for Access to Work funding. This usually covers the costs of your coaching sessions, and equipment such as noise-cancelling headphones. Find out more on my Access to Work page


If you would like to book an introductory call to talk about ADHD coaching please do email me. (Tell me more about the kind of support you want).

Many of my clients are funded from Access to Work.


“Sarah is quite instinctive & good at picking up when a change in tempo or topic is needed, so uses the allocated time efficiently. I was honest and worked quite hard in my sessions with Sarah and got a lot out of them, including realistic strategies to implement at home and at work. Thank you Sarah :)”
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