Are you newly diagnosed with ADHD?

If so, you’ll be all too familiar with being constantly distracted and feeling overwhelmed. Do you frequently forget appointments, and lose your keys or phone? Or do you find yourself putting off getting started on a project only to miss the deadline?

Wouldn’t it be great to meet other people who understand these ADHD challenges?

As fellow ADHDers that’s exactly why we developed this ‘Understanding Your ADHD’ workshop.

Our vision was to create a workshop – designed by people with ADHD for people with ADHD

This workshop offers you an opportunity to meet other people in the same boat, find out more about your treatment options and learn some ADHD-friendly strategies – right at the beginning of your ADHD journey.

“It’s made me feel less judgemental and more accepting of myself, helping put some of my behaviours in the context of my ADHD… I can, and do actively overcome some of these symptoms sometimes, particularly procrastination.”

diagnosed with ADHD

What is missing for most people diagnosed with ADHD?

The NICE guidelines specify that people diagnosed with ADHD should be given:
 “a comprehensive, holistic shared treatment plan that addresses psychological, behavioural and occupational or educational needs”

In 2020 I was diagnosed with ADHD and began medication treatment. However, I couldn’t access any other support or information from my NHS assessment provider for two years (following some chasing!) The 8 week course I attended often felt condescending in tone. Although it was a good opportunity to meet some other lovely ADHDers, I didn’t find the content at all useful. 

Launching the Understanding Your ADHD workshop 

I was already working within the ADHD community as a professional organiser, and so I knew something different was needed. As a result, I designed and piloted my first workshop later that year. Soon afterwards I began working together with Gordon Mundie, one of my early participants. He enjoyed the workshop and had substantial experience delivering similar workshops. He felt as strongly as I did that we deserved something better.

What do we offer?

  • The opportunity to meet other people who’ve been recently diagnosed 
  • Space to adjust to your diagnosis alongside exploring the treatment options.
  • Information about how your ADHD brain works; ADHD symptoms & challenges. (For example; overwhelm, perfectionism, and emotional regulation).
  • Ways to become more ADHD-friendly; using curiosity, your strengths and focusing on success.

Understanding Your ADHD – workshop for newly diagnosed

Just £35 – this includes:

  • Two hour Zoom workshop (with breaks)
  • Interactive: using breakout rooms & chat/ polls
  • Time for questions and conversation
  • A worksheet with slides: to add any notes / actions
  • No more than 25 participants 
  • BONUS: A comprehensive resource pack with other suggested reading/ links.


“It’s helped reinforce the fact that I am definitely NOT imagining my diagnosis or traits! Sometimes I effectively gaslight myself, so the workshop has helped further validate what I’m experiencing.”

More about us:

Sarah Bickers and Gordon Mundie were both diagnosed late with ADHD. They have used their experiences and expertise of delivering training and workshops within the NHS and beyond in order to deliver a high quality of content.

Sarah Bickers is an ADHD coach,  professional organiser, & mentor and runs courses on ADHD for other professional organisers.

Gordon Mundie is an experienced trainer, group facilitator and is currently studying MSc in Integrative Counselling and Coaching at the University of East London.

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