De-cluttering DVDs (Jan 2014)


DVDs decluttering

At home recently our family tackled our DVD drawer. There were 180 DVDs there, some of which had never actually been opened. We’d missed watching them because we couldn’t find them. (I see this all the time in the homes I visit). How can you declutter DVDs (which may belong to more than one member of the household)?

Accept the limits of your storage

This is my decluttering motto. So, if the drawer is overflowing, you have too much stuff. If things keep falling off a shelf you have too much stuff. If a cupboard won’t shut properly you have too much stuff. You get the idea…

When you’re decluttering, if you stick to this motto, you’ll know what you are aiming for. (A little bit of space on a shelf or in a drawer can actually feel quite liberating!)

DVDs; decluttering

Instead of trying to pick out the ones to get rid of, I challenged each person to pick out their favourite 20 dvds. This made it more fun and less punitive! There was a little cheating with boxed sets, but we managed it- now the drawer opens properly and we know what we own.

A good tip with dvds you haven’t watched & don’t like to get rid of is to put them in a shoe box with today’s date on by the TV- if you haven’t watched them in a month, give them away!

DVDs; re-selling them

Here’s a good place to send any DVDs- you just enter the ISBN numbers online & you’ll get an instant quote for how much they’ll give you. MusicMagpie will even collect them from you once packaged:

(We sold 51 DVDs for £23.88)

Another option is Ziffit. I haven’t yet tried it but have heard good things about it.

See the link on my Useful Information page to find an article discussing the merits of musicmagpie vs ebay.