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“I had a remote session and it was brilliant – completely non judgemental, she meets you where you’re at. It was so helpful to talk through steps to do things in so it wasn’t overwhelming.”
N, London


At the moment almost all of us are confined to home, and being at home may feel pretty overwhelming. If you are looking for help, I have been working remotely with clients for several years- usually with people who live too far from me for a visit. Virtual organising can be really effective – and you might even decide it works better for you!

How can a professional organiser help you transform your home without actually being there with you? We are usually your ‘on the ground’ help – however, virtual organising is more like putting two heads together to tackle a problem.

“It has been invaluable working with you, both on a practical level and also an emotional level: I feel understood! Your coaching skills are amazing.  The blend of coaching and your time and labour-saving suggestions, always giving me ownership of my actions, is perfect.” Claire

What can we do?

  • Decluttering: We might use the session to talk through a particular area, addressing any roadblocks or distractions which might get in the way of finishing the job, how you will measure your success and even discuss storage solutions.
  • Paperwork: Now is the perfect time to declutter old files/ piles of paper and get your paperwork organised. You might want to be ahead of the curve for the next tax return (or even finally file last years!).
  • Productivity. You may be finding it hard to focus and manage work deadlines, or just feel overwhelmed by the ever-changing priorities for you (and other members of your household). We can use the session to help you work out priorities and get things done.
  • Digital organising. Is your computer desktop cluttered and your filing system chaotic? Is your inbox so full you forget to reply to essential emails? Are your photos scattered across your computer so you can’t find them? I can talk you through some simple processes to help you get on top of things.

How long will a virtual organising session last?

Ideally, the first session would be around 1-2 hours so that we have a clear picture of challenges and can make a plan for moving forwards. The first couple of sessions we’ll work out the best way for us to work together.

You may prefer to book a long 2-hour session to really get stuck into a project. Or you may prefer several short sessions across a day so you have some accountability and can access support as you need it. Whatever you decide, I aim to be as flexible as possible, so you find out what works for you.

I want to book a session- what do I do?

You always get a free telephone consultation so just call me on Telephone: 07914096405
. We’ll talk about what you want from the session and make a plan…

Do I need to buy anything before the session?

Usually we will work with what you have. It’s really useful to have a pen and a way to write notes as we talk, and Post-It notes are really handy (Super Sticky are the best!). If we are focussing on a physical space it may help to clear a ‘working area’; and gather any old boxes/ storage solutions together.

Questions to consider:

Which area do you want to tackle/ what you want to get done?

  • What will make the biggest impact? Home/ work life
  • What frustrates you/ others?
  • If I could solve this, it would mean that…”
  • Any specific challenges?

How will you deal with things you no longer want/ need?

A virtual organising session is definitely different from having me with you in your home. But my approach will always focus on supporting you to sort through and organise your home and life so it works better for you.

There’s never been a better time to know that, with the right kind of support, you can get on and tackle your home one space at a time. 

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