“Thanks for all your help, it has made such a difference to my life and how I feel about my home now.”
R, Streatham


Yes, just click here to view my Terms & Conditions, which protect us both. We both sign this at the start of our first session

You may want regular daily or weekly sessions to get completely organised. You may ask me to return in a month or even a year to keep you on track or to deal with another area. Some clients even ask for Skype sessions- whatever you need to help keep you organised, I’m here to help you.

That depends on you. If there’s a lot to be done, you may want to book some repeat sessions so that the area gets decluttered fully. You may find that you are energised by the session and have learned enough about the basic principles to continue by yourself.

That depends on you. I’m happy to do an initial hour assessment/consultation if you would like to meet me first, and live close to SE14. You can either book a half day (3 hrs) or full day (6 hrs) session. A half day session is generally the minimum time needed to make good progress, but it always depends on how much needs doing and how much energy you have.

Yes. Generally we start by decluttering, so that you know what needs storing, and I can then help you source the best solution for your budget. I’ll give lots of advice and ideas as we work together decluttering, and if you need further help we can book another session.

Just because something has outstayed its welcome in your house, doesn’t mean it is no longer useful to someone else. You may want to sell things or allow them to be used by someone else by donating to charity shops/ Freecycle etc. (See the Useful Info page for more on how to deal with unwanted items.)

Yes- when decluttering I can’t decide for you what you want to keep. I won’t tell you what you should get rid of, but I’ll ask you searching questions about items to help you decide whether to keep them or not.

Firstly, you don’t need to be embarrassed about the area to be decluttered- that’s why I’m coming! Make sure you have some strong bin liners- and boxes are always helpful. Don’t worry about buying special storage before I come though- it’s always best if we de-clutter before you spend money on storage.

No, there’s no need! I will have seen it all before and will not judge you on whatever we find- I’m working with you to help you deal with it and always respect your privacy and confidentiality (but do let me know if there are particular areas you want us to avoid).

No- I wasn’t born naturally tidy and I live in a normal house with other family members, so it is rarely perfect. But it’s usually no more than an hour away from tidy…

I am of course organised, everything has its home, and we regularly declutter areas as needed. We are always aiming for a simpler life- focussing more on living life rather than owning loads of ‘stuff’.