Decluttering clothes WI style

Last month was a busy month for Free Your Space- before Christmas I had sent some tips to Nunhead Women’s Institute on decluttering your wardrobe (do subscribe to my newsletter if you’d like a copy). In January I talked to the group about how to declutter, then we enjoyed some fabulous home-made cakes (of course!) followed by a ‘swishing’ event. If you haven’t attended one of these before, everyone brings at least one item of unwanted (but good condition) clothing and everyone has a chance to browse and even try things on. When the bell is rung you get to pick an item of your choice. I managed to find three items in my wardrobe (yup, I was walking the walk) and wasn’t planning on taking anything home. That was until I spotted a rather classy little black dress from Jigsaw which fitted me perfectly… My principle when sale shopping is: Would I buy this at its full price. If the answer is no, I will generally walk away. This dress was a definite yes so it made it into my wardrobe!

In addition, last month I was asked by musicMagpie for some essential decluttering tips for their blog. You may have read my previous blog about the musicMagpie service here, written in my early days about trying out their service to sell our DVDs. It is well worth looking at if you haven’t already tried (you can make money on decluttering old CDs, DVDs and even Blu-rays).

What are your 2016 decluttering resolutions? My resolution is to finish sorting my photos. Last year I organised all my digital photos. This year I plan to digitise the photo albums. How about you?