I’m on the hunt for a special person…

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I’ve had a few conversations recently about Marie Kondo’s book The Life-changing Magic of Tidying

Her basic approach is to work intensively with people to do a single one-off declutter of their homes. This approach is so intensive that it is – you guessed it- life changing! She claims that people then maintain their homes clutter-free, having had their attitude to their ‘stuff’ radically transformed.

Most of of you initially book single sessions with me- usually a day, but at least 3 hours to achieve some great results in a single room. Some clients then book me regularly to gradually work through their house over a longer period. This helps spread the cost and I think it also allows for a gradual and gentle transition in how you view your ‘stuff’.

But I’d love to experiment with working more intensively to see if ‘fast and furious’ can be as effective. My guess is that this would suit certain people better than the slower approach- the results would certainly be more dramatic.

So here’s a radical proposal: If you’ve had enough of the way you’re living and are ready to live in an uncluttered home why not work with me as a pilot for 15 hours/ week over a period of several weeks. I would charge a discounted rate of £500 per week for the first four weeks. (This is discounted from my usual cost of £525). Do call me if you would like to have a free home consultation to find out more…